UV cabinet and weather-ometer


We also do customised material coloring and compounding for special needs.


Fast simulation of weathering

With weathering tests we are able to test durability of products and materials in a fast and reliable way to correlate with conditions in nature. Our equipment include for example weathering chamber equipped with Xenon burner, ozone chamber, and UV cabinet.

Atlas Ci3000+ Xenon Arc Weather-Ometer®
Temperature range: BPT 40-110°C; BST 40-120°C
Relative humidity: 10-75% (valo), 100% (pimeä)
Option for spraying

UV cabinet
Ultra-Vitalux lamps, UV-A & UV-B
Temperature range: ~40-70°C

Ozone test chamber
Hampden Ozone Cabinet 2000-AM/U
Temperature range: 23-80°C
Ozone level: 0-200 pphm